My First Podcast on Learning Mindset, Why it is critical to Engineers on Tech Career Show

Divyanshu Negi

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Ben from Tech career show reached out to me on Linkedin couple of months back and wanted to have a podcast.

I really enjoyed the conversation with him, we talked about how the Learning mindset is critical to be an Engineer, the great and not so great aspect of engineering and how to become a learning machine.

I was pretty nervous as it was my first podcast ever.

Fun fact: To embed this Spotify player on this blog, I had to spend around 1 hour of coding, as I am using a markdown renderer and it was not easy to plug this iFrame on this React Page.

But finally, I made it dynamic so now my blogs can have any Spotify song linked in such a beautiful player 🤟

here is the link to my Podcast with Ben :

Thanks, I am currently also working on part 3 of my Production ready NestJS API blog series.


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