This is my first blog post using obsidian

Divyanshu Negi

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My First Blog post using obsidian

Here is my first blog post using obsidian

I will be submmiting this and publish this to strapi using the plugin I created in obsidian.

The plugin is currently named as Divyanshu-plugin

The idea is very simple

  • Write a blog post in Obsidian.
  • The blog is written in markdown, hosted strapi blog FE can parse the markdown into HTML.
  • The content of the current file is sent to strapi API as a post request with the required authentication.
  • Strapi will return the id of the post which is published, can update the id of the post in the blog.
  • The media can be copy pasted easily, media goes to cloudinary with a plugin already being used and in the post I get the link of the image.
  • I completed building this Plugin in my flight from Ho chi Minh to Delhi, the flight was 5 hours and in 3 hours the plugin was completed but testing never happended due to the lack of Internet
  • Now I am back home updating the last few tests on the plugin and hosted it on my main production environment.
  • How I made this plugin will be a blog series I am working on currently, but posting a new blog and upadting it with a single click is such a super power
  • The next plugin I am going to work on is a GIF selector, where you can press cmd+g
    • This would open a GIF search window, where you can type any GIF name
    • Once you select the GIF it is entered into the editor window and part of the post.
    • This would need a setting where you need to provice the GIF API key, so My Blog will help you setup a Giphy account as well.

Thanks and see you next week.


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