What kind of Automation we can make in Zapier as a developer to make life easy

Divyanshu Negi

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I have not been a very huge fan of no-code automation tools like Zapier, but recently I gave it a chance on learning more about the tool, as a developer some 3rd party tool automating for me is not so cool, I would rather write my own automations. but we all have 24 hours in a day, with a day job, a side project and blog to maintain its super hard to really add an extra task in your plate to automate things.

So I started learning about how zapier can really help me automate my daily tasks.

This is not a tutorial post, instead the steps and automations I think will help me personally.

Zaps Which I want :

Social Media Automations

  1. I always want to post more on social media like Twitter and Linkedin when either I learn something new or when I find something interesting, but the friction at that point to open these platforms is too huge so I need someway to automate this. HOW ?
    1. A simple Zap in Zapier which connects to my Twitter and Linkedin
    2. When I find something interesting I can put that in a google sheet (I need to automate this step as well, but for now lets say, I would do this manually)
    3. At a certain time (when the Twitter engagement is highest,) my Zap would pick the row from google sheet randomly
    4. Post it on twitter and Linkedin, remove that row from the table.
    5. As simple as that!

Slack Notification Management

  1. in a Day I get 100s of slack messages where I am tagged with my username, its very hard to focus when so many tagged messages are pending on slack for me, sometimes I just watch a message and forget about it, which later the sender needs to remind me, I can easily automate it.
    1. A simple zap which connects with slack incoming messages
    2. When any message on any channel mentions me, trigger this automation
    3. The message content is connected to a Notion Database where I can see the message content and also the message link. if I want to click and reach to the thread directly.
    4. With this simple automation, I will have to manually remove the messages from the Notion DB and will always be a reminder for me about the messages I need to engage with.

I have not tested this automation yet, but created it this weekend, will be testing it out in the coming week, I dont know if this in itself becomes overwhelming.

I will be adding more such automations in the coming week and months, will keep this post upto date.

Thanks 🙏


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